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Profiles Clone

In my organization , there are some profiles with salesforce license . Now,  the same profiles need to assign it to community users. Salesforce doesn’t support changing the license type in profile. Once the profile is created with salesforce license , we can’t change the license type in profile.
Now, we can’t configure manually each and every permission in new profile for community users. It will take days to configure manually. Is there any automation to do ???

Yes. We can achieve this with ANT Tool(Meta data API)

Steps to Create new profiles with different license

    1) Go to “” and generate package.xml with all components in the organization.
    2) Extract all the organization meta data.
    3) Go to extracted Meta data folders and open “Profiles” Folder.
    4) open the particular profile and change the user license to “Community”

<userLicense> Salesforce</userLicense>

 <userLicense>Customer Community</userLicense>
    5) Rename the file and deploy back in to the organization.

That’s it . You will get all the permissions like as other profile and license will be Community.


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